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Formed in 2001, CVUPA hosted its first tourney in the same year. Membership prior to 2001 was small in numbers (about 6 to 20, if lucky), but grew to up to 50 in 2001.

Ultimate Flying Disc, or Ultimate Frisbee, an organized team game that combines aspects of football, soccer and even basketball, is by far the most popular and widespread of team disc games. It evolved from "frisbee football" and other early makeshift team games associated with flying disc play. Such a game was being played in 1942 at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, a "two hand touch" early version of frisbee football. Played with a large size Oven-Ex cake pan, the game was dubbed "Ace Ball". As early as 1953 and probably before, students at Amherst College also played an offbeat game of football minus the pigskin! Instead, a plastic or metal serving tray was used for play action passes and long bombs down field. Amherst College can rightfully claim to be the birthplace of a frisbee game that developed on lines very close to today's Ultimate.

It's easy to understand why disc versions of ball games such as football and golf have developed and become widespread. A flying disc offers more variation, plus, disc games allow participation at various levels of skill, which is not the case with established ball sports where the more gifted athletes hold sway. Frisbee sports, unlike ball sports, also require little outlay of money for participation. All that is really required is one disc for 20 people to play an organized game of Ultimate, no pads, jocks, and other accessories (cleats are helpful).